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Web Applications
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New to Web Hosting...

Thousands of people sign up for web hosting everyday. Some of those people have a solid plan or have hired a web designer. The majority say, "OK. I've signed up, now what?".

First, let me start with telling you that if you expect a fancy website and you are not willing spend some money or do a lot of work, you are going to be disappointed.
Plenty of people pay for web hosting, only to see the renewal charge a year later and realize that they never even started their website.
Thankfully, web hosting can be cheap. At roughly $100/year people are spending more money on coffee than web hosting. Cheap web hosting comes at a price though. This type of hosting is called shared hosting and means that you share the server resources with 500-1,000 other people.
This causes server slowness. Web pages, use of the control panel features, and connections become slowed due to the traffic load on the server. The best advice that I can provide to you is this: Unless you are creating a website that is NOT for promoting a business, BEFORE you purchase web hosting- Have a plan and be willing to spend money. Don't spend more on your cell phone than you are willing to spend for your online presence. An online presence can truely boost a business. Unfortunately, the old addage of it takes money to make money is entirely too true when it comes to the internet.

Since the object of mysiteisdown.com is to help people having problems with their web site, this means you probably already have purchased hosting. If you want further information about getting started and choosing a web host, please check out webpagestart.com to determine the right kind of hosting for your site.

What do I need to know and why?

Terminology: You can not effectively communicate with technical support if you don't know the correct words to describe the situation.
Web Applications: Knowing the basic web applications and how they can benefit you is a huge asset. Wouldn't you agree that being able to quickly upload 50 web files at a time is more effective than uploading files one by one?
Platform Differences: Your web site capabilities are determined by the hosting platform. Knowing what will work on your website is essential when building it.
Basic DNS: DNS is what the internet uses to find your website, your email, and everything associated with your domain name. Knowing how to see where the internet is directing your traffic is important when troubleshooting issues such as Email, FTP, and Website problems.
The Internet Service Provider Factor: If you think your Internet Service Provider allows you to do whatever you want with your internet connection, think again. Find out why web hosting companies and internet service providers are often at odds with one other and how the comsumer often gets stuck in the middle with no technical support.