Self Help for Troubleshooting your Web Site Problems

Having problems with your web site?

Most people think of their web site as a whole. If one part isn't working right, it affects the whole thing.
This web site will try to break things down to help you determine what needs to be addressed, understand why something may not be working and to help you fix it if possible.

Tired of calling technical support?

This site is here to empower you with the ability to solve it yourself.

Most web site problems fit into the following categories:

DNS: This is the system the Internet uses to determine where to find the web site.
Email: This is the system used for sending and receiving email through the server.
FTP: This is the connection for moving web files to the hosting server.
Scripting: This is the code used to write the web site.
User's Computer: This refers to the computer being used to access the web site. Usually these are problems caused by the Internet Service Provider, Firewalls, or Anti-Virus systems.
Hosting Sever: This refers to the computer where the web site information is held.
End User: This is when you, as the end user are unaware of something and education will solve the issue, or you have made a mistake. After all, we are all human and to err is human.