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Wondering what that error code means?

The most important thing about an error message is DON'T LET IT INTIMIDATE YOU!
These are priceless for troubleshooting because they almost always spell out what the issue is and sometimes, where to find it and even how to fix it.
READ the message. If you have never just stopped and read through the error message, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to read them.

How to read an error message

There are many error messages. Database error messages, Scripting error messages, Email error messages. Let's go through and dissect some of these error messages to show you how to read them

Here is a simple PHP error message:
PHP Warning: fgets(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /root/host3/account/public_html/internet/mrwhois/mrwhois.php on line 440

This is the function that the code was suppose to perform, but failed to.

supplied argument is not a valid stream resource
This tells us that something is not a valid resource. A resource refers to data being requested. It could be a database or an image or a file. Not a valid resource means that the resource the scriptwas told to access is not being found. Perhaps it was misspelled, no longer exists, or the wrong path was put in.

This is the path to the specific file from the root. This error message is on a shared web hosting platform so we start at the account name and work our way through the path.
The file is in the public_html directory.
Inside the public_html directory is a directory called internet.
Inside the internet directory is a directory called mrwhois.
Inside the mrwhois directory is a file called mrwhois.php.
This is where the problem is being encountered.

on line 440
This tells us that the code on line 440 of the specified file is where the problem is. Don't want to count 440 lines of code? Use a text editor such as notepad++ which provides a line counter.
Reading this error message told us that the file being specified on the 440th line of code in a file called mrwhois.php could not be found.

Here is a simple Email error message, (These are also known as bounceback messages):
Connected to but sender was rejected.
Remote host said: 553 sorry, your mailserver [] is rejected by See

Connected to
This tells us that a connection was made and the IP address the email server connected to.

but sender was rejected.
This tells us that email from the sender, (my email), was not accepted.

Remote host said
Remote host is the email server we were attempting to send the email to.

your mailserver []
This provides us the IP address of our mail server that we are trying to send email from.

rejected by See
SpamCop is a spam filtering company. The message provides you a link to their site.

So this bounceback tells us that we are being rejected because the spam filtering company thinks we are a spammer. The important piece of information they provide us with is the IP address of the mail server we are sending from.
Why is this important? About 8 out of 10 times, that IP address actually is from your internet service provider.
If the IP address belongs to your internet service provider, all you need to do is get a new IP address and then you can start sending email again.

Here is a simple SQL server database error:
SQL Server Error: 18456[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'XYZ'

Login failed for user 'XYZ'
This simply means that the user name specified for the database was unable to log in.
The cause of this error may be that the user name or password may be incorrect, the database may not exist, or the user does not have permissions to access the database.

Hey, those were easy to read. They have a message. What if all I get is a number, what does that mean?

A 3 digit number code is referred to as an error code. While the error codes differ for the various systems, they do have some common ground

Error codes that begin with a:
The computer command was accepted, but the action is pending confirmation of a reply from the server

The action or command was completed successfully

The computer command was accepted, but the action is pending receiving further information.

The computer command was not accepted and the requested action did not occur. These are usually because of a temporary error or condition and you should try resending the request again.

The computer command was not accepted and the requested action did not occur. This is a permanent failure message. Something needs to be fixed before the action will work.