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Not sure where to start?

If you don't know for certain where to start, remember to start with the basics. Usually, most issues are solved with the most simple answer. This is why technical support starts with the questions that make us all feel dumb
"Is it plugged in?", "Is it turned on?". Many times this is the answer, not because we are dumb, but because it is so simple, it is taken for granted and not checked.

The simple solutions that we take for granted:

  • Verify that you are connected to the internet. (You probably are if you are looking at this site)
  • Can you duplicate the issue. If you close everything out, reboot and try again, do you get the same result? Computer glitches occur all the time.
  • Verify the domain name has not expired- use a whois look up (Know that registrars push the expiration date out an extra year, so if it has next year's date- it may be expired.)
  • Verify the hosting account is in good standing.
  • Verify your spelling. Many things are case sensitive, did you leave your caps lock on? Is your num lock on?
  • Verify your settings are correct. Do you need authentication for email? Does your browser have scripting disabled?
  • Try a different software. FTP not working, try a different one. Newer password systems require at least 1 special character to ensure a secure password. Some programs, like Fetch, have problems using the special character.
  • Any automated updates lately? Most people don't know the last time their system updated software. Any software that scans or blocks files can cause problems. Close the program, turn off your firewall and anti-virus. Then try again.