Your site is down?
Get notified and start acting immediately!

Monitor your page and receive an email if something goes wrong. 

Persona empresaria feliz monitorizando su sitio web.
Persona atendiendo a un aviso de monitoreo.

Scans and warns

My Site Is Down will monitor your website status and will let you know immediately by email if your website goes down.

Failing website means failing business

Your website is the first impression of your company, whenever it stops working, everything stops working.

Persona con un fallo en su sitio web.
Recibirás una alerta en tu correo segundos después de detectar el error.

Momentaneously notification

You will receive a warning seconds after discovering
the issue.
Sabrás qué ha pasado en tu página web, cuándo ha sucedido y el por qué.

Detailed information

You will know what happened, when did it happen and why did it happen.

Servicio ininterrumpido los 365 días del año a las 24 horas.

Always on

The service iscontinuously active 365 days per year,
24 hours per day.

Monitoriza tu página web 4.

My Site is Down is an easy way to protect your business

As simple as required

17 $ / year 

  • An unique domain or subdomain.
  • Receive email notifications whenever your site is down.
  • Detailed information.
  • Always active service.

I need more than one domain

Especial for agencies

  • 2 or more domains or subdomains.
  • Receive email notifications whenever your site is down,
  • Detailed information.
  • Always active service.

I need

Your site is down and you don’t know what to do? Contact our team and we’ll provide you all the needed information.

Any question?

How many websites can I monitor?

You can subscribe and monitor as many sites as you want. We have no limits.

Keep on mind that, every subscription you make, will give you access to monitor a single website. If you want to monitor more domains, you will have to pay for every one of them, or else you can also contact us.

Who will fix my website or server issue?

All the issues detected on your website or hosting should and will be fixed by your site’s administrator, who provides you the domain and web storage service.
In case the issue is found on your web’s code, your web developer would have to fix it.
If the issue persist, don’t hessitate on contacting us, we will provide you the needed help.

How long does the service last?

Our service duration lasts an entire year for the monitored domain.

As simple as that, you pay once and you can access our service for an entire year.

Will my subdomains be also monitored?

No, a single domain will be monitored. If you want to include another subdomain, you’ll have to do another subscription or else, contact with us.